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What is an Acoustic Assessment?
An acoustic assessment is the comprehensive testing of the levels of noise pollution that result from a facility. In Ontario, the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and municipal noise by-laws protect both the environment and surrounding communities from the unauthorized release of contaminants into the air, land and water. It is important to note that in Ontario the EPA expands the definition of "contaminant” to also include excessive noise and vibrations.
In order for a business to gain approval to construct, alter or operate equipment at a facility there must be an approval granted by the Minister of the Environment to ensure that the systems are operating within industry standards. This may require an acoustic assessment to verify that the equipment being operated at the facility is in compliance with Section 9 of the EPA in regards to noise and vibrations. This condition must be met in order for the business to secure an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) and be able to operate legally in Ontario.
An acoustic assessment will thoroughly assess the impact of the noise and vibration emissions that originate from a facility. The impact is determined on any sensitive receptors such as:
  • Schools;
  • Hospitals;
  • Municipal buildings; and
  • Residences.
If the facility and the accompanying equipment are not a minimal separation distance from these receptors, an acoustic assessment is required to prove that the noise and vibration emissions are at acceptable levels.
Types of Acoustic Assessments
In most cases, a business applying for approval will require a Detailed Acoustic Assessment Report. Other types of acoustic assessments include the following:
  • Primary Noise Screening;
  • Secondary Noise Screening; and
  • Acoustic Audits in support of Ministry of the Environment applications.
These assessments can all typically be useful in securing an Environmental Compliance Approval, but they can also be very useful in responding to a noise complaint from a neighboring sensitive receptor. It is essential to evaluate noise emissions from your facility and the impact on neighboring sensitive receptors limiting liability when it comes to noise complaints and potential lawsuits over short or long term hearing loss and/or other injuries.
Who Performs Acoustic Assessments?
Typically the different types of acoustic assessments will be conducted by an independent third party, such as an acoustic consultant. These consultants will have the equipment and expertise necessary to perform high-quality testing that produces detailed results.
In the event that a business is found to be non-compliant with the guidelines specified in the EPA, an acoustic consultant should be able to suggest a comprehensive Noise Abatement Action Plan. This plan will accurately identify the offending sources of noise pollution and make suggestions on how to mitigate them.
Environmental consulting companies typically offer the services of professional acoustic consultants. This is very convenient for businesses that are looking to gain an Environmental Compliance Approval for air and noise emissions.
Whether your business is located in the Greater Toronto Area or anywhere in Ontario, an environmental consulting company will be able to give you a consultation. It is a good idea to take the time to choose a consultant that you feel comfortable with since acoustic and other types of environmental assessments will need to be completed in order to obtain an ECA approval.
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